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    Bochem Chemical Plants Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives in Poland. The company was established in 1991 and it currently employs more than 120 people. Bochem’s leading position on the domestic market is the result of high-quality products, regular research and development activities, using the latest technologies in production processes and the adaptation of its offer to clients' needs.

    Bochem produces adhesives for the furniture, footwear, leather goods, automotive and construction industries in addition to professional adhesives. The company is also a manufacturer of adhesives based on modified starch, which are widely used in the production of plasterboard, as well as the paper and textile industries. Moreover, Bochem provides modified starches for the food industry and companies producing briquettes. Bochem also offers its customers finished laminates as well as bonding and laminating services of materials used in the footwear, furniture, clothing and automotive industries. Composites used in construction and interior finishing sectors are also offered.

    The company has its own research laboratory in which new products are developed and quality controls are carried out on a regular basis. Since 2001 Bochem has been ISO 9001 certified, which proves that quality and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to the company. 

    In 2014 Bochem was incorporated into the Soudal Group – the world leader in the production of PU foams, sealants, adhesives and roofing chemicals. As a result of Bochem joining the Group, Soudal expanded its technical knowhow and diversified its range in the professional adhesives segment. This move led to the opening of new markets all across Europe.

    Bochem is a company located in the southern part of the Mazovia province in Poland, nearby Puszcza Kozienicka, a region which is well-known for being friendly to entrepreneurs. The company’s headquarters are situated in Działki Suskowolskie, close to Pionki, a town famous for its long tradition producing chemicals.

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    Certyfikat ISO 9001:2015
    Certyfikat 14001:2015
    Polityka Zintegrowanego Systemu Zarządzania Jakością i Środowiskiem
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